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Share and edit data safely

The majority of us work with documents. From word documents and emails to spreadsheets and presentations sharing files across devices, platforms and clients is a key element of our lives. Many of us are concerned about the security of the files we share, particularly due to the growing amount of cyber-attacks that are appearing in the news.

File sharing is an excellent method of collaboration with others and share ideas. However it is important to think about the amount of access you’ll grant to the people you work with. When you allow access to your files for too long can allow hackers to get into your information and compromise your privacy.

You can ensure that your sensitive data secure by following a few basic guidelines when sharing files. First, only send only the information they require. This reduces the chance of information being leaking into the wrong hands in the event of a data leak or data breach. Make sure that you use equipment that blocks unauthorised edits of files. For example, if you’re collaborating on an Excel spreadsheet There are programs which can lock the spreadsheet while editing. This stops malicious or accidental modifications and ensures that the numbers are accurate.

Companies must also be aware of the risks associated with online file transfer services. These services can leave your company vulnerable to a variety of potential attacks. It’s also difficult for managers and administrators to see where files were sent or what type of access they’ve gotten.

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