What Are the Different Types of Data Security?

Data security is the process of securing digital information against theft and unauthorized access, whether at rest during transport, or when it is being utilized. It involves various tools, technologies and methods such as access control, encryption, and data masking. It also includes physical security, which can help protect the equipment and facilities that process or store sensitive data.

Security breaches are prevented: Alongside regulatory compliance, preventing data leaks helps to maintain customer trust and build a positive company image. This is https://mobilevdr.com/why-your-startup-should-build-a-data-room-before-fundraising/ the case even for small companies, which may suffer reputational damage and financial losses if customers’ PII is exposed.

Secure important information. Important data such as the customer list of a bank or the patient medical records, are not intended to be seen by anyone. Keeping this kind of information safe helps businesses maintain an edge over competitors.

ensures availability. Data that is not readily available at any time isn’t good to anyone. It is therefore essential to have a plan in place to restore data that has been archived. Solutions exist to reduce downtime caused by ransomware attacks like by offering cloud-based disaster recovery as a service, or by providing data snapshots.

Cleans up outdated information: If a business does not need certain files in the future, it should remove them completely from its systems, and not just replace them with new data. This is called data erasure and involves using software to erase the files stored on any kind of device to ensure they can’t be recovered.

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