Dealmaking Automation for Dealmakers

Dealmakers can utilize automation to cut down on time and cost. Automated workflows can streamline tasks and assist dealmakers in managing the entire sales process from prospecting to closing a deal. Dealmakers can focus more time with existing clients and developing solid relationships with potential buyers by automating.

A workflow that is automated will change a contact’s lead score when their status changes. This lets you monitor their behavior and determine the performance of your sales team. This allows you to monitor the performance of your sales team and spot trends that can assist you in making informed decisions regarding training, support, and resources.

You can also set up an automation that will trigger whenever a deal reaches the appropriate stage. For instance in the case of an account where a rep needs to get help from an engineer in sales during the demonstration of a product, you can create an automation that adds a task to the deal and assigns it to the correct person. The task description could pull information from any of the properties of the deal.

Another way to leverage deal automation is to use it for onboarding and upselling/cross-selling campaigns. An automation can send, for instance, an email with helpful tips for the salesperson or group when a deal reaches the Closed Won phase. This could include setup guides or tutorials on the product. This keeps you top of mind for your clients and encourages engagement after the sale.

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